There is two ways of learning – We learn by own hand experience or by the experience of others. You can learn by trial and error or by the help and observing others around you.

About learning

You can try to build a table. If you fail and mess it up and you have wasted a little time, some wood and nails. That’s not to bad. It’s worth a try. If you did not know how to use a saw then you may pay your idea with a finger. That’s bad. And not worth a try but happens if you did not learn to ask.

You can try to build a happy life. In a bad case you mess it up. You wasted many years to find out that there might exist a better way to happiness. This is the quest of the spiritual illiterate to understand the world, to understand his destiny and help others to find theirs.

You can ask a carpenter on how to make a table. Or how to use a saw. But whom you can ask about becoming a happy human?


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