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time control!

January 26, 2011

Tss… how do you get your life done?

Time is running so incredibly fast!

I learned an incredible pracitce: Time control. Check under practices!


Having no routine = being no machine

January 22, 2011

“Why?” Sometimes that’s a good question. Why sometimes? …haha… there it is already. It is not good to ask “Why?” as a habit. When you are talking are listening actually?

Many people don’t. They talk and act like robots. As it common to ask “How are you?” even if they don’t mind whats going on with their fellows. That is not communicating. That is ‘acting’. Ok! You are right, it still is communication ‘caus whatever we do and say spreads the word.

So before we get all bored here: It is about asking what you really want to know – Better to stop being a machine! …to take part in this experiment continue reading, subscribe on the right to stay tuned.