time control!

January 26, 2011

Tss… how do you get your life done?

Time is running so incredibly fast!

I learned an incredible pracitce: Time control. Check under practices!


Rap news

January 25, 2011

just received that link – awesome idea how to wake us up!


Time of revision

January 25, 2011

“Why?”…I’m writing here?

Because it is time to change my life. Constantly I have this feeling that there is more that I could do – than just to live a nice 9-to-5er life. It feels like there is some kind of miracle and truth out there waiting to be found. This question is inside me as long I can remember. You feel the same? You also feel that you don’t live your life to the fullest yet? Yeah!

Right! Talking…ahm… writing is not doing. But is a silent witness. Well, not as scandalous and powerfull as Linda Tripp for Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton. Here is no sex scandal involved. Not yet. And there is none planed. Sorry guys and girls.  For your entertainment: I’m still scandalous – and so are you. It is a confession. It is scandalous how I treat my inner self, my soul! How about you? Don’t you have to confess something, too?

I’m guilty that I’m killing every single day. Frightened? So you are, too. No, here is not Scarry Movie or some crap like that. It is about our souls!

Some time I ago I met some people. And I did not know how much that would change my life. You are right, usually we don’t know that. Rarely it happens that some guy and a girl meet for the first time and know that they will get married later on. Probably that would have saved him a lot of cash to impress her and she wouldn’t have to be anxious if her bottom looks nice in those pants. More about ‘relationships’ you can read soon at the blog. If you want get inscribed to stay tuned.

It was a meeting that showed how much I have been missing in life. It was like being 16 and thinking to be the glamour boys – until the older guys came and drove away with the girls. I was with those people and realized that I’m not that peaceful and happy person as I pretended to be. They could lough and dance and jump – and I could not. I felt like the child aside the game, saying to himself “I don’t need that… baah!”

But I really need that! And so are you! We need to become joyful and free to jump and dance as we want! It is scandalous that our parents could not teach this to us. I dicided to change my life – and you are my witness. If you decide to do so, too – If you want I can be yours 😉

Let’s do it! It will be fun …not easy, but fun!


Having no routine = being no machine

January 22, 2011

“Why?” Sometimes that’s a good question. Why sometimes? …haha… there it is already. It is not good to ask “Why?” as a habit. When you are talking are listening actually?

Many people don’t. They talk and act like robots. As it common to ask “How are you?” even if they don’t mind whats going on with their fellows. That is not communicating. That is ‘acting’. Ok! You are right, it still is communication ‘caus whatever we do and say spreads the word.

So before we get all bored here: It is about asking what you really want to know – Better to stop being a machine! …to take part in this experiment continue reading, subscribe on the right to stay tuned.


children learn faster

January 21, 2011

Wow! All new and fresh here. WordPress is great!

This is a hard days night… and after figuring out how to install a blog there has to be some time to start writing. Something.

How does all the old people turn into bloggers? Respect that they figure out all those things about technology. Or do they all call their children and grand children when it’s about that – does your parents do that, too? In this field they are like little children. You have to repeat over and over again. The difference: children learn faster. Seems like a good lesson for being calm and helpful.

Sleep well, world!